The Emblem of Courage

…Ibrahim brought Hajar to a high hill called Al-Marwa, made her and her baby sit under a tree, placed a bag of dates and some water near her, and set out homeward. Hajar ran after him and said, “Are you going to leave us in this desert where there is no one to keep us company?” She repeated this many times but he would not look back at her. She asked, “Has Allah ordered you to do so?” He answered yes. “Then He will not neglect us,” she said.

Later…. some Arabs traveling through Makkah saw birds flying around Al Marwa. “They must be flying around water,” they said. When they arrived at the water, they found Hajar (alaihi salam) and asked her, “Would you allow us to stay with you, and use the water from your well?” She agreed and was pleased by their company.

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Rescue Me Once More

I’m plunging and falling so deep
Inside a bottomless cell
Please find me back my Rabb
And rescue me once more

I’m drowning in this misery
I’m sinking defencelessly
Please find me back my Rabb
And rescue me once more

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Forgive and Forget

Forgive and forget! Easier said than done. It’s easier to forgive someone but difficult to forget the wrong they have done to us. But shouldn’t it be enough to just forgive someone? Why have we been encouraged to forget their ill-behavior towards us?

Because while forgiving benefits the person who has wronged us, consequently forgetting about it unburdens us from the negativity created in response to someone’s wronging. In order to acquire that inner peace and contentment, it’s important to let go off all that makes us negative and to move on.


Today I was reminded by my teacher that taqwa is to be acquired, which in turn gives birth to hikmah (the wisdom to do the right thing at the right time and place) which helps develop the furqan (the ability to differentiate between right and wrong) and this all increases a believer in guidance. All this is a sheer blessing from Allah (subhanahu wa taa’la). Therefore, we must strive to acquire taqwa by enriching our soul.
This is what we should aim to focus on this Ramadan; instead of being focused on enriching our bodies we need to be focused on enriching our souls in sha Allah.

If He Really Loves You

If he really loves you he will never put your respect, your dignity, your character, and most importantly your eternal life at stake under any circumstances.
If he really loves you it will show in his mannerisms and his character. If he really values you, he will proudly take the responsibility of giving you love, care, respect and protection by being deserving enough to marry you. If he deems that his love for you is true he will strive to please His Rabb so that He blesses him with you as his wife not only in dunia but also in the life to come so that both of you may live happily ever after.

Think, reflect and ponder. Allah has made many U-turns on this road. It still isn’t too late.