Self-Congratulation – The Recurring Dilemma

Back in my days of ignorance (my time before being close to Allah’s deen) I, like many other Muslims, experiencing the unidentified predicament of self-congratulation at the little ibadah done during the blessed month of Ramadan.

In the past, my entire year apart from Ramadan would be dedicated to seeking dunia, so I would feel satisfied with whatever little ibadah I could perform during Ramadan. It didn’t bother me much that my rituals were shallow and devoid of any sort of spirituality, so long as I tried to do what others were doing, because to me Ramadan was a tradition of rituals like any other tradition that one blindly follows.

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The Post Ramadan Syndrome

Ramadan brings an annual tidal wave of optimism that sweeps everyone up with positive momentum and gives a spiritual boost for the year to come. The special quality of this holy month is that most Muslims reach a higher level of iman (faith) and ‘amal (deeds) during these blessed days than the rest of the year.

It takes resolve, sacrifice, commitment, patience, perseverance and oodles of hard work to shun the embedded evil and replace it with good, inside and outside one’s self. Ramadan also gives us an ambience and a productive environment that encourages collective and individual goodness to flourish.

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