بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Maria Karim is a professional artist and graduated from the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, with Sculpture as her major subject. She taught Art and Design for almost nine years before pursuing her Quranic Studies. 

Maria started her journey through the Glorious Quran in 2008 at Al Hikmah Centre, Sharjah and has been a student of deen ever since. Besides Quran Tafseer, she has also completed a course of Quran Tajweed (knowledge and application of the rules of Quran recitation) alhamdulillah.

Maria is the Managing and Founding Editor of an international publication, Muslimaat Magazine. Currently she’s working as a freelance writer and poetess. Her articles have been published on various platforms such as, Productive MuslimMuslim MattersVirtual Mosque (previously called Suhaib Webb), The Intellect MagazineAailaa Magazine and Hiba Magazine.

Her article Dhikr For The Mum On The Run has been nominated amongst the best productive Muslim articles of 2014la hawla wala quwata ila bila.

Maria aspires to keep on writing for the sake of Allah for as long as she lives, in sha Allah.

Maria can be contacted at mariakarim@muslimaat.net


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