O’ My Soul

Though devils were chained,
Yet your erring remained.
Your neglect has no limit,
One day you will admit.
Who is then to be blamed?
You now need to be tamed.
O’ my neglectful soul,
We must fulfil our goal.

Deeds lacking humility,
Deficient in the quality.
Least focus on salah,
Hastily making dua.
Feeling pleased and sure,
You want Jannah and more?
O’ my deluded soul,
We must fulfil our goal.

Nourishing nafs all along,
Being so utterly wrong.
What must I now do?
Matter bitter but true,
I’d been starving you,
How can I finally undo?
O’ my feeble soul,
We must fulfil our goal.

You’re immortal you think,
Life might end in a wink.
We’ll both be in pit,
Not in the least well lit.
If we persist this way,
We’ll be destroyed That Day.
O’ my ignorant soul,
We must fulfil our goal.

Life’s slipping away,
How can you still delay?
Wake up from deep slumber,
Allah will feed your hunger.
Following Him is the key,
That’s how we’ll be free.
O’ my heedless soul,
We must fulfil our goal.


Published by

Maria K. Siddiqui

Maria is an artist, counselor and art therapist in training.